From Bird Tweets to Robin Laws Art

Bird Tweets 2007


A lot has changed in a decade.... and then again not so much😳. I used to be an active blogger.  I loved my first blog and I blogged almost every day for quite a long while. I enjoyed every aspect of blogging. The banter with other bloggers, the constant stream of inspiration and making amazing new friends like Relyn who still comes to visit all the way from Misourri and my friend Debi who convinced I could be a writer.

I had so much I wanted to say on my blog🙊😏!  I vacilated between being my entertaining self, my artistic self and my student-of-life self. I pretended I had a Cooking School and posted videos of my classes. I used my photography to express myself as an artist and frequently pondered the hard questions of life rhetorically and through conversations with fellow bloggers. 

I was Bird Tweets, Doctor Bird and Robin Bird depending on what I had to share on any given post. I loved my blog Birdtweets and  I still do though I haven't posted there for more than 3 years. I gave up my Typepad account and basically disappeared from the internet community until I began posting on Instagram in 2014. 

Things change, people evolve and time never stands still😐. Hard life lessons.

Robin Laws Art 2015


So here I am again with a new blog at Robin Laws Art. I'm still an artist though I use a different medium now.  I'm still making teaching videos but this time I'm a real teacher 😂☺️. Beginning next week I will have my debut as a teacher of digital artistry along side my friend  Ivy Newport!

See what I mean!? Things change over a decade, I'm older, more experienced in the world of art but I'm still an entertainer, an artist and a dreamer. I write more often, I've become an active member in an amazing art community and I think I will fall in love with blogging all over again once I get a new rhythm and audience. I'm afraid I need an audience to be a good blogger😬.

As of today I have two subscribers to my blog😐 and one of them is my husband😮. So if you enjoy my art on Instagram and Facebook or have a blog of your own that I can follow and participate in by all means sign up and subscribe at the bottom of any page!  I love to respond to comments and I'll do my best to create interesting and fresh content for your entertainment and edification and at times challenge you to take on the tough questions of life.