{ "Some people talk to animals.  Not many listen though. That's the problem." ― A.A. Milne }

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Enhance your creative journey - {LISTEN} - Make the connection to your animal guide

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I have dreamt up the perfect workshop to help you bring your own animal guide to life in a very real and exciting way! 


Having an animal guide has been such a delightful and valuable part of my creative life. My own sweet Lovely Duck takes a very active role in helping me to see and overcome the internal obstacles that can derail my artistic expression.  The red thread is our symbol of  loyalty and commitment to all my creative endeavors. 

I have been asked time and again;  "How did you find this amazing creature?"   I've pondered that question a great deal because I believe every artist will benefit from having a companion who is singularly and wholeheartedly dedicated to helping  guide their creative journey.

This workshop is meant to lead you on an adventure of self discovery.  If you choose to follow your own red thread path I guarantee you will find it rich with depth and meaning as well as delightfully fun!

Love, Robin



The purpose of this workshop is to bring to life a tangible animal guide that is just right for you! We want our guides to reflect and compliment our own strengths and wisdom.  

Initially we will explore potential spirit animals looking for our best companion match.  We will become familiar with their natural abilities as well as understand the symbolic meanings they have come to embody from a human perspective. 

 We're going to complete several projects using a variety of mediums.  Assemblage, jewelry making,  paper clay, painting and art journaling. By working with your animal you'll be establishing a unique language of meaning and symbols. We are entering into a special, even sacred relationship with our animals and we want our guide to be rich with the knowledge of who we are and what we need to fulfill our intentions as artists!

During this workshop we will be suspending reality as we know it in order to help these amazing creatures take form. We want to enjoy them to our fullest capacity. You will quickly discover for yourselves that they are truly delightful and can be very entertaining! 


Register Now -  $57.00



If your here reading about animals and art then you already belong in this workshop! I intentionally created lessons that can be adapted to every age and skill level. From simple forms of painted clay to a detailed and sophisticated jeweled menagerie. We can do simple sketches,  story based art journaling or fine art painting. The choice is yours.

I will show you how I created a tribe of whimsical creatures from simple supplies and basic tools. I use plastic animals,  paper clay, craft paint, old costume jewelry,  buttons, beads, bells and all sorts of random bits of fabrics and lace. 

Animals can make us smile, laugh, cry and love effortlessly and with complete abandon! This is about playing dress-up with our furred and feathered friends while simultaneously using ancient animal wisdom to deepen our connection with our own soulful hearts and minds.



The idea of having animal allies as helpers is an ancient idea. For example Native Americans and the Celts relied on spirit animals as messengers for guidance, healing and decision making. We will make use of their ideas while adding in own more modern perspective so that we can choose the animal or animals that we feel most drawn to. 

We will use art journaling prompts, collage and painting as our way to explore animal symbolism and discover what animals we are drawn to. You may find yourself drawn to more than one animal and wish to foster multiple relationships.

*As a bonus you will have access to my tutorial on creating an altered book. Why not create a special book dedicated to you and your animal!


I am going to demonstrate several projects within this area. For the longest time my own animal guide, Lovely Duck, only existed in paintings on canvas or within my art journal. He was my one dimensional creature guide, living in my studio and my imagination. I longed to have him with me in a more concrete representation.

Since we want our guide to accompany us on our creative journeys  we will bring special focus to all the different ways we can bring them into physical form. This particular project area has brought me great enjoyment and I think it will for you too!

I have to tell you these jeweled animals are so fun and surprisingly easy to create. They are a perfect way to bring in personal symbolism and reminders of what is important to us. And besides all of that they bring such joy and playfulness to your studio! They are irresistible! Goodness they all have personalities and voices of their own. These wonderful creations can be as simple or complex as you wish to make them. 


I will demonstrate and teach you the basics of using paper clay in the creation of your beloved animal guide.  Creating this project had many tender and delightful surprises for me. I created two examples. I love that the first most basic one can be interpreted as so many different animals. She has been named, a seal, a polar bear and a mythical beast. To me she was a dog but regardless the true magic happened in everyone seeing something they were drawn to most.  

The other example is a clay Lovely Duck. Finally I will have him with me as an amulet in my pocket and as a necklace I can wear over my heart.  


Art journaling is a great way to document our growth and process as creatives. In this workshop we begin with the experience of choosing and getting acquainted with our chosen animal guides. 

We will use simple sketching as a way to contemplate and appreciate their physical form. What is it about them that gives them the strength and skills to survive in their natural habitat? Sketching their unique form will offer us an opportunity to appreciate their beauty as separate and unique from us as humans.

We will finally paint or use collage materials to create a portrait that represents our sweet connection with our animal. Capturing in a painting how your connection enhances your inner creative life can be a powerful experience.  


We want our animals to embody the unique synergy that results from  combining our strengths and personalities with theirs. We will be creating unique charms and decorative embellishments to add to our animal creations using jewels, beads, paint or whatever else we are inspired to add.

I of course believe everyone would want and should have one of these sweet creatures! All of my family members have animals I have created for them. I chose each animal with great care thinking about the heart of the person who was to receive the gift.  These treasured  gifts are variously placed as holiday ornaments, jewelry or even refrigerator magnets.  

I will make suggestions and demonstrate ways for creating them as gifts and treasured objects. 





  • How to recognize, choose and form a meaningful bond your animal guide. 
  • Basic jewelry making skills so you can prepare your animal for becoming a necklace or other jewelry.
  • Making simple charms and symbols of strength and wisdom to add to your animal.
  • Creating a journal with the theme of your connection between  you and your animal. I provide a tutorial for making an altered book as one option for your journal.
  • Techniques such as collage,  acrylic painting,  sketching, basic writing techniques and much much more!

What kind of supplies do I need for this workshop?

I will be creating a full supply list with links soon. Here is a short list to get you started.

  • Basic jewelry tools- 2 types of pliers. 
  • Basic Sculpting supplies- paper clay and shaping tools.
  • Craft paints, pencils or charcoal for sketching.
  • Art journal or sketchbook for documenting the journey of you and your animal.
  • Jewelry findings, screw rings, wire, pins etc.
  • Charms or beads from repurposed costume jewelry. 




How long will I have access to  the workshop? You have lifetime access to the workshop  for as long as I am here managing the website. * The videos are all downloadable.

How many video demonstrations will there be?  Approximately 15 videos but more if I can't stop showing you things I am learning!

Do I need to buy all the supplies on the materials list?  No I will mark the essentials for the class with an asterisk * Beyond that you can use what you have and experiment.   

How long does it take to complete the class?  Work at your own pace.  This is about honoring your own creative process.

Do I need to join the Facebook  group?  It is entirely you choice.  Everyone approaches learning in their own way. It  is an  opportunity to connect and share with other artists who have similar interests but it isn't an expectation.   

Can I share the workshop site?  Please respect me, my my hard work, and everyone who has paid for the course by not sharing the links or passwords.  

Can I share my work on my website, Facebook, or Instagram?  Yes please! I love seeing what you create. We all do :)

Can Isell work created during the workshop? Absolutely! 

Can I give this workshop as a gift?  What a lovely idea! Once you've purchased the workshop send an email to  robinlawsart@gmail.com  to let me know who it is for.

Once I register for the workshop can I change my mind?  Sorry, but there are no refunds whatsoever once you have signed up for this course due to password logistics.    


I sincerely hope you will join me on this adventure of self discovery.  I can think of nothing better than to have a group of fellow travelers on this delightful red thread path!

Love, Robin