Magazine Makeover - A Video Tutorial



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I'm super excited to share some of the fresh and creative ways I have discovered for to  transforming recycled magazine images into unique paintings! This class is all about expanding your creative skills while having a whole lot of fun! I will demonstrate how i use recycled magazine images to create unique paintings It is about experimenting and letting go ofwill show you how I have used recycled magazine images to expand my creative ideas your  I demonstrate how to recycle magazine images  to create fun and unique paintings!  By the time your finished you will be inspired to try all sorts of mixed media techniques to enhance  magazine images and take your creative process to a new level.

Have fun with this simple risk free process for practicing  painting and drawing. This approach to your creative practice is great for beginners and seasoned artists alike.

Watch the preview video below to get an idea of the fun you can have using this simple technique! 

Let me show you some of the wonderful things that can be done with magazines!





I will take you step by step through the process of using oil pastels  to create a complete makeover using this magazine  image. I will tell you how I choose  images and from what magazines. Once you've selected your image I will show you how to prep your surface and how to apply and blend oil pastels.  Once you have your base image completed I will show you how I use some of my favorite mixed media supplies to have some fun! I use charcoal, acrylic and water-soluble crayons.  As a bonus I demonstrate taking the image into my iPad to try out a variety of ideas for making use of all of your favorite mixed media supplies! 


Oil Pastel Inspiration

I will demonstrate a variety of ways to use magazine images in your art. I was first inspired to experiment with this process after discovering Barcelona based artist Guim Tió Zarraluki . He is best known for using oil pastels to alter fashion magazine images and has perfected a technique and style for recreating some very interesting abstracted makeovers. 

Using one of Guim's images as a reference I sketched  this girl into an art journal. I then added acrylic paint and oil pastels to give her personality. This was fun process and an excellent drawing challenge! 

Before and After

You can entirely change the expression, the mood, the color or composition. 

Mixed Media Exploration

The sky is the limit! So many ways to expand your creative repertoire try new art materials, concepts, compositional elements of design.